CV Patrice Rolland\Details developpement JAVA

JAVA Developments
During 5 years : Development and Technical analysis of a slotmachine server in JAVA JDK1.3 & 1.4
- Multi-threading and tasks synchronizations
- Server capabilities 1500 slotmachines (slotmachines' accounting management, slotmachines' alarms and player tracking management...)
- Communication via RMI for JAVA clients
- Communication via socket tcp/ip for JAVA clients or others
- Communication via socket tcp/ip with the floor server linked by Ethernet with the slotmachines' hardware
- Server tools connected via socket tcp/ip
- Communication with the database via JDBC

During 6 months : Server team management, project schedule under microsoft project, training and tasks distribution.

During 6 months : Finalization of a client application receiving the alarms
- The technology used for the users interface was developped with Swing

During 3 months : Divers
- Prototype d'une base de donnée locale pour un cache client
- Finalization of a database tool : import, export, data comparations et schema comparation.
- Back office application: JNI interface development to start marketing application JAVA from a Delphi application.